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Our mission is to empower you to express your brand identity and vision through customizable products, made possible by leveraging advanced technology and unparalleled customer service


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Igniting the Journey

How a Single Spark of Passion Propelled The Teehive to New Heights

Once upon a time, in 1981, a dynamic duo named Steve and Cindy Clough embarked on a journey that would ultimately shape the world of dance and custom apparel. Their passion for dance led them to establish “Just For Kix,” a business that would soon become a multifaceted success story.


As Just For Kix continued to spread its wings, so did the demand for personalized apparel. Recognizing the need to cater to teams, families, and individuals looking to tell their unique stories through clothing, Steve and Cindy decided to answer the call. In 2009, The Teehive was born—a haven for custom apparel enthusiasts seeking a blend of quality, affordability, and personalized service.



Embracing Unity, Love, and Trust.

At Teehive, we hold the belief that each Teehive order goes beyond mere transactions. Every order represents the unity of a team, the love within a family, and the trust of a company weaving unique stories. Beyond the products, we are dedicated to being a supportive presence for the community we serve.



By Hand With Lots Of Heart

Everything we offer is proudly produced in the U.S.A. From design to printing and sewing, our dedicated team is here, ensuring the best journey for you. Wear what makes you happy, because at The Teehive, we believe in bringing joy to every stitch and print.

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