Pretty Sweet Fantasy Football T Shirts – w/ Paul Charchian

One fun draft party

If you are going to have a Fantasy Football draft these people know how to do it!  This is a group of guys from Brainerd Minnesota who apparently know how to have a fun draft party.  They placed a bid on to have Paul Charchian host their draft.  The moment they found out that they won they started thinking about the t shirts that they would make.  The Teehive came up with a sweet design that they approved right away.  Check out the pics from their day.  Here is a list of The Teehive’s top 5 for making your fantasy football draft a success:

 Top 5 ways to have a great fantasy Football Draft

  1. Make Sweet Fantasy Football T shirts.  We can custom make yours like the guys from Brainerd, or you can choose from some of our templates here -
  2. Bring plenty of Beer – you don’t want to run out during the draft.  That could be bad :)
  3. Have Paul Charchian host your draft – Ask the guys from Brainerd – They said it was pretty fun.
  4. Do a little bit of research.  You don’t want to be drafting anyone who is hurt.
  5. Have your Draft on a pedal pub – This makes for a difficult but fun draft. :)

Paul Charchian


pedal pub

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