The Minnesota Movement – #MNziel


The Minnesota Movement

                      With the announcement of Johnny (Football) Manziel going pro there was a wave of articles, images, and two years of Texas A&M memories swirling all over social media.  Considering his impact on college football, for good or bad, we knew there was plenty to get involved in regarding his passion, love for the game and marketing quality.

                   Here in Minnesota we find ourselves in a very routine QB struggle.  This does not come by surprise to most, nor does it really raise any eyebrows at this point because here in the land of 10,000 lakes it has become the status quo.  We have had some very successful quarterbacks, that is a fact.  Tarkenton, Culpepper, Cunningham, and the highly anticipated Favre are the few that immediately come to mind.  I am too young to know just how good Tarkenton was, but judging by my father’s opinion, he was in fact “the-man.”  That brings me to the point of this post.  Johnny Manziel, or in this case, Johnny MNziel – The Minnesota Movement.  This campaign has been created for all the fans that have followed Johnny, and his pursuit of fulfilling his dream being an NFL quarterback.  Plus, with enough voice, hopefully we can bring up the campaign to the Viking’s front office that we’re desperately looking for our next Vikings legend.  We want a guy that can come in, show his passion, ignite the crowd with precision passing, and hopefully bring us to the proverbial “promise land.”  So if you are a #MNziel believer, feel free to check out our custom t-shirts, and support this – Minnesota Movement.

Support the Minnesota Movement by bringing Johnny Manziel to the Vikings in this year's 2014 NFL Draft.

Support the Minnesota Movement by bringing Johnny Manziel to the Vikings in this year’s 2014 NFL Draft.

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Personalized Gifts give BIG GRINS over the holidays.


Take a simple hoodie. Customize it with a favorite quote, their name, a memory between you both, an inside joke or an awesome design.
Personalized gifts, customized hoodies, and custom apparel can go a long way to making the holiday extra special.  Go even simpler with a printed t or a personalized shirt.  Custom gifts and personalized gifts are memorable and completely unexpected. Which is why it not only adds a grin to your face, but more importantly, to that special someone’s.
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State Tournament Football

This Saturday, November 30th the road to a state championship will come to a final hearing.  The three seeded Brainerd Warriors battle the number one seed Chaska Hawks for a State Title!  Fans will fill Mall Of America field for the FINAL year of state football being played in the history enriched building.  Spirits will be high, and a majority of the Brainerd/ Baxter township will be in attendance to witness greatness.  For the event 1,000 Touchdown Towels were printed to showcase the Warrior passion that lies in each fan.  The towel is a custom 14×14 material with a dye-sub graphic to showcase ultimate detail. The fan towel itself has been in football for years, but our custom towel comes with a quote from the head coach, a Brainerd legend, Mr. Stolski.  It reads, “Our Town. Our Team. Our Time.”  Stand together WARRIOR fans, swing that touchdown towel with infamous passion because we are bringing our game to the twin cities, and hopefully exiting with a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!

dye-sub Brainerd Warriors State football towel.

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Deer Hunting Opening Weekend

Custom Deer Camp T-Shirt

            It’s one of the most memorable times of the year.  Leaves fall off the trees, the air gets a little more brisk, and family’s come together.  The specific time of year I am talking about is deer hunting opener.  The weekend of deer hunting opener for many families goes so far back with tradition that the stories, and people who partake have experienced generations of camaraderie and life warming memories with years of enjoyment.  Those elderly seasoned veterans to the weekend make it that much more enjoyable with story-telling, old fashioned way of life, and best of all elderly jokes with the quickest of wit.  This year I decided to bring a fresh new tradition to our memorable camp.  The bright orange shirt below was purchased for each of my deer-camp members.  I decided to go with a semi-customizable bright orange t-shirt design and added my camp name under the “Gone Hunting” shirt headline.  Buying the shirt becomes another tradition that my camp members can now continue.  I consider it a very cool little piece added to the deer opener weekend puzzle.

           If you are looking to add to your deer hunting opener feel free to contact The Teehive like I  did and bring your own tradition to your classic deer camp!


Semi-Customizable 'Gone Hunting' Deer Camp T-Shirt.

Semi-Customizable ‘Gone Hunting’ Deer Camp T-Shirt.



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