State Tournament Football

This Saturday, November 30th the road to a state championship will come to a final hearing.  The three seeded Brainerd Warriors battle the number one seed Chaska Hawks for a State Title!  Fans will fill Mall Of America field for the FINAL year of state football being played in the history enriched building.  Spirits will be high, and a majority of the Brainerd/ Baxter township will be in attendance to witness greatness.  For the event 1,000 Touchdown Towels were printed to showcase the Warrior passion that lies in each fan.  The towel is a custom 14×14 material with a dye-sub graphic to showcase ultimate detail. The fan towel itself has been in football for years, but our custom towel comes with a quote from the head coach, a Brainerd legend, Mr. Stolski.  It reads, “Our Town. Our Team. Our Time.”  Stand together WARRIOR fans, swing that touchdown towel with infamous passion because we are bringing our game to the twin cities, and hopefully exiting with a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!

dye-sub Brainerd Warriors State football towel.

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Deer Hunting Opening Weekend

Custom Deer Camp T-Shirt

            It’s one of the most memorable times of the year.  Leaves fall off the trees, the air gets a little more brisk, and family’s come together.  The specific time of year I am talking about is deer hunting opener.  The weekend of deer hunting opener for many families goes so far back with tradition that the stories, and people who partake have experienced generations of camaraderie and life warming memories with years of enjoyment.  Those elderly seasoned veterans to the weekend make it that much more enjoyable with story-telling, old fashioned way of life, and best of all elderly jokes with the quickest of wit.  This year I decided to bring a fresh new tradition to our memorable camp.  The bright orange shirt below was purchased for each of my deer-camp members.  I decided to go with a semi-customizable bright orange t-shirt design and added my camp name under the “Gone Hunting” shirt headline.  Buying the shirt becomes another tradition that my camp members can now continue.  I consider it a very cool little piece added to the deer opener weekend puzzle.

           If you are looking to add to your deer hunting opener feel free to contact The Teehive like I  did and bring your own tradition to your classic deer camp!


Semi-Customizable 'Gone Hunting' Deer Camp T-Shirt.

Semi-Customizable ‘Gone Hunting’ Deer Camp T-Shirt.



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Pretty Sweet Fantasy Football T Shirts – w/ Paul Charchian

One fun draft party

If you are going to have a Fantasy Football draft these people know how to do it!  This is a group of guys from Brainerd Minnesota who apparently know how to have a fun draft party.  They placed a bid on KFAN.com to have Paul Charchian host their draft.  The moment they found out that they won they started thinking about the t shirts that they would make.  The Teehive came up with a sweet design that they approved right away.  Check out the pics from their day.  Here is a list of The Teehive’s top 5 for making your fantasy football draft a success:

 Top 5 ways to have a great fantasy Football Draft

  1. Make Sweet Fantasy Football T shirts.  We can custom make yours like the guys from Brainerd, or you can choose from some of our templates here - http://www.theteehive.com/fantasy-football-t-shirts
  2. Bring plenty of Beer – you don’t want to run out during the draft.  That could be bad :)
  3. Have Paul Charchian host your draft – Ask the guys from Brainerd – They said it was pretty fun.
  4. Do a little bit of research.  You don’t want to be drafting anyone who is hurt.
  5. Have your Draft on a pedal pub – This makes for a difficult but fun draft. :)

Paul Charchian


pedal pub

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