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The woes of choosing an outfit will never end. If your ultimate answer to every war with your wardrobe usually ends with one solution- a Tee shirt and a pair of Jeans, this is the place for you to be. Tee shirts have been in vogue ever since they came into existence. They are comfortable, they are trendy, they make you look good even on your not-looking-so-good days and you can team them up with almost any color of jeans.

Before you busy yourselves in making and creating, coloring, designing the T-shirt you always dreamt of, let us take a sneak peek into the history to know how this, our favorite piece of clothing came into existence and managed to become the most popular of all types of garments. Initially worn as an undergarment, T-shirts came into vogue when the American mariners started to wear it as an outer garment. T-shirts gained massive popularity with them being trendy, comfortable, easy to wash and inexpensive. Since their creation in 1920, T-shirts have evolved into a two-billion dollar market.

Once they were on view, T-shirts became canvasses for images and messages. They ceased to be just garments and evolved to become portraits for self expression and an attitude statement. Personalized sweatshirts, custom embroidered shirts and T-shirts are popular garments on which to display one's interests, tastes, and affiliations using customized screen prints or heat transfers. Printed shirts may feature political slogans, humor, art, sports, as well as famous people and places. T-shirts are also inexpensive promotional vehicles for products and special events. These trendy Tees are not restricted to any age group or gender. They have gained immense popularity in both boys and girls. T shirts are available to fit any size from 6 to 60 and even more. Kids custom t shirts become a special treat for new parents. Adults as well enjoy the joy of wearing personalized sweatshirts and T shirts . Personalized family t-shirts can be a great fun at family reunions and help in imbibing a feeling of belongingness in a family.

The Teehive brings to you the option of creating your own T-shirt. Customize your own t shirt and adorn it with your name, your team logo, your favorite picture, your favorite color. You can use these customized T shirts as your personal style statement or you can even make it your uniform for your varsity. It will have everything you want, and what’s more - everything would be the way you want it to be.

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